Pediatric Dermatology Patient Testimonial

This young patient was referred to Academic Alliance in Dermatology by his physician to provide skin care treatment. He describes the pain and how it was difficult to sleep at night. Once he was seen by Dr. Vasiloudes, he saw immediate results and the hair loss had subsided and was growing back within a week. The swelling on his head and neck had decreased nearly overnight and the changes have made a positive impact on this young mans life.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology Patient Testimonial

Tom discusses his experience with Dr. V. and the AAD staff after learning he was diagnosed with Melanoma.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology Patient Testimonial

Lucy describes her experience with Academic Alliance in Dermatology. Not only hers, but see what happens when Lucy invited her mother to a visit.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology Pediatric Patient Testimonial

Kim talks about her daughter Patty’s experience with eczema. Kim relays how the staff at Academic Alliance in Dermatology was able to transform their lives and cure Patty’s eczema.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology Testimonial

At a young age, Ethan was diagnosed with Melanoma. Mom discusses how Dr. V. and the AAD staff continue Ethan’s care and provide the confidence that the family is going down the right path of care.

Academic Alliance in Dermatology Patient Testimonial

A patient describes how he has been coming to see Dr. Vasiloudes to treat several marks on his skin. During a recent visit, he was concerned about marks around his eyes and face. Dr. V. assured him that there was non-surgical ways of treating the skin in such sensitive areas. See how this provided our patient with a sense of security and relief.