Department of Dermatopathology

Academic Alliance in Dermatology provides a full service dermatopathology laboratory in Tampa. Biopsies sent to our lab are processed in our state-of-the-art laboratory, overseen by our quality assurance program. For those cases that require more sophisticated tests, we can offer a comprehensive variety of immunostains, dual immunostains, and special stains. All cases are interpreted by one of our Board Certified Dermatopathologists; Iriana Belongie, MD, FAAD or Jack Gay, MD.

At our facility, we are in a unique position as all relevant medical data and clinical pictures are available to our dermatopathologist through our electronic medical records. This enables clinical pathological correlation, which enhances the quality of our care. Our rich and broad patient population exposes us to patients of all ages and many different ethnicities. This makes the practice of dermatopathology both unique and exciting.

During our monthly clinical correlation conference, our interesting and challenging cases are discussed with all of our providers after examining and interviewing patients. In many cases, this process involves requesting and reviewing slides processed and interpreted by outside facilities.

Dermatopathology Lab

  • Personalized consultation on challenging cases
  • Dermatopathology Lab
  • Accurate, consistent and detailed diagnostic reporting
  • Second opinion consultations on slides performed by outside laboratories
  • Team meetings to discuss challenging/unusual cases
  • Evaluation of margins
  • Technical slide preparation
  • Specimen pickup by in-house courier
  • Diagnostic report delivery by courier
  • Contracts with numerous national, regional, and local health insurance providers
  • Prompt and courteous attention to all service issues and patient billing questions
  • Educational meetings for physicians and other providers
  • Regular physician meetings to assess and improve our professional services

Academic Alliance in Dermatology has helped rejuvinate my face and neck. My confidence has soared to new heights due to the care of Dr Vasiloudes and his team. Wow – thank you so much.

Nancy F.

West Chase, FL