Hair Restoration Services & Hair Loss Treatment

How many years of hair treatment experience do we have?

Harklinikken has more than 35 years of experience in hair and scalp disorders with 20,000 clients in active treatment by nine clinics respectively in Denmark, Germany, USA, and Dubai. There is also initiated cooperation on the opening of clinics in other countries.

Are your hair treatment products personalized to my hair type?
Our hair treatment products are individually tailored and targeted therapy for your specific hair type. Our hair treatment products only use natural products and supplements of the highest quality. Our hair treatment products include the latest relevant knowledge and research related to hair and scalp disorders.

We develop and manufacture active ingredients and products for treating hair loss, thinning hair and scalp disorders. We do not make use of problematic ingredients such as perfumes, essential oils, color and/or parabens. Harklinikken treatments are 100% individually designed for each client and the treatment and the products used in the process are adjusted throughout treatment.

Harklinikken is working with General Practitioners and Dermatologists respectively in Denmark, Germany, USA and Greece. In the United States, Harklinikken partnered with a recognized dermatologist, Panos Vasiloudes, MD, PhD. The cooperation consists in particular in research/development of new methods and means to remedy hair and scalp disorders, as well as scientific evidence of it.

We are very result-oriented and take only the clients in treatment who we believe will see a difference. We recognize that there still are different modes of hair and scalp issues, as neither Harklinikken nor others have yet to find solutions. Harklinikken constantly follows the developmental happenings within our field and invests considerable resources in developing new active agents against various hair and scalp disorders. Harklinikken has been developing a new cure for hereditary hair loss for 11 years, and expects completion in the near future.

Hair Loss Treatment and Restoration Procedure Specialists

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I’ve consulted with all the doctors here and really appreciate the time they have all taken to LISTEN to me. I wanted to follow a very slow, conservative treatment plan and they have been awesome. I just didn’t want to make any mistakes and after several years now – have made great progress. Michael H.

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