Hårklinikken Hair Loss Treatment & Products

Hårklinikken works together with reputable practicing medical doctors and dermatologists in Denmark, Germany, USA, and Greece respectively.

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You may email your questions to info@haarklinikken.com.

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Hårklinikken is very successful at treating hair loss, reduced hair quality, dandruff, fungus, cradle cap, and irritated/ dry scalp, in both men and women.

Hårklinikken hair loss treatment is customized individually, according to each client’s hair/ scalp. The treatment period, the treatment intensity, and the products’ composition vary from client to client, depending on the nature of the problem and the client’s own effort.

The hair loss treatment is carried out at home by the client, according to the directions provided by Hårklinikken. The client must apply a plant based extract to their scalp at regular intervals, typically once or twice per day.

This extract is individually composed for each client. Hårklinikken uses more than 200 different plant components, fatty acids, lactic acid bacteria, and other elements for each extract which are adjusted during the entire treatment process.

Furthermore, as part of the treatment, specially developed shampoos are used. Each of these is active against a specific problem with the scalp or hair.